What’s Google’s AdSense & How to to get your account accepted !

As the number of Web Masters Increase, Also The Seeking after Online Cash increases

And when we mention the phrase of Generating money online, We must mention Google’s AdSense!

AdSense is one of the best networks online that generates an impressive income when you have a significantly good traffic!

So, Let’s figure out all about AdSense..

What’s Google AdSense?

Google adsense is a network that publish ads through their partners Website/Application/Youtube Channel.

And Actually google’s network is the least network pays on the internet, Even tho, Most of people would prefer to join this network than joining any other monetizing strategies


Simply because when you’re a partner at Google AdSense you’ll have everything working in an automated way, You won’t face any struggles with coding or placing Ads

How to join Google AdSense ?

First of all you must have a Google Account FROM HERE 

Then you’ll need to sign up for AdSense with that account, You can go to This Link to proceed

After that, You’ll get an HTML Code to insert into your website html source, In case you’re using WordPress Then It’ll be much easier to get it done

Just install Header And Footer Inserter And insert your code into the header. (Related : Best plugins in 2018)

In case you’re using a user friendly template, Just insert a HTML widget and insert the code without the need to install the plugin. 

After creating your account and inserting their HTML Code, You’ll see a message saying that your account is under review, And they’ll let you know once you’re accepted

How to get your Account Accepted ? 

And as we’re talking about AdSense for Websites, You’ll need follow this simple steps to get your account accepted :-

  1. You must own a domain name, No free websites (Sub domains)
  2. You’ll need to have a good website design, So just stay away from those crappy free templates
  3. Create a good content that fits the SEO basics
  4. Stay away from (Pornography contents – Hacking/Cracking – Copyrighted violence )
  5. Create a Privacy Policy Page and make it easy to access (In the main top bar)
  6. Generate SSL certificate ( Generating SSL For Free )
  7. Finally, Have a look at the google’s adsense policy to be sure that you’re all safe

After taking care of all of those 7 steps, You’ll only need to wait few days to get your account accepted !

My Account got accepted, What now ?

As you get your account confirmation, You’ll see Ads showing on your website immediately

Now you’ll need to take care of your traffic so you can actually earn good income out of AdSense !

But, What’s the types of Ads And Incomes ? Let’s Figure out ..

Types of AdSense Ads income

Googles Ad network will pay you through 2 types, Which are :-

01 : CPC

CPC Stands for (Cost Per Click), Which means, That every time someone clicks an Ad on your website then you’ll get (X) Income to your account

You can take advantage of CPC income by increase your traffic ( Related : How i generated Thousands of traffic in no time )

, This way you’ll make an A-B Test and know exactly Who are the most targeted audience that are most likely to press on your Ads

02 : CPM

CPM Stands for (Cost Per Mile), That means that you’ll get (X) income to your account every time your website get 1000 Impressions

Taking advantage of CPM Income is pretty easy, Just increase your traffic and no matter the audience type You’ll get that CPM Revenue

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Also keep in mind that the payments vary from one niche to another, And from one country to another as well

Which means, If you’re running 2 websites with same amount of traffic on both of them, You’ll see that the CPM on one of them is more than the CPM of the other

PRO TIP : Most profitable niches are (Health and fitness) And (Tech Blogs)


Here’s the fun part, The best strategies to earn the highest income, So let’s jump to those topics right away

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