Top 10 Time Saving WordPress Plugins

What’s WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular platform that more than 70% of today’s website are already using  WordPress services

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One of it’s pros is that There’s all kinds of plugins you could ever imagine, So we’re going to discuss which plugins you will really need to improve your content and workflow!

Top 10 Plugins :-

01: Yoast SEO 

Most of the traffic nowadays depends on SEO (INW: Organic traffic)
And without improving your content SEO You won’t get any organic traffic!

Yoast SEO is one of the Best Plugins online for wordpress, It’ll help you create a good content that suits the basic rules of SEO and Also will make sure that your content Readability is acceptable for your viewers


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02: W3 Total Cache 

Let’s say you created a very good content with a high level SEO And even your traffic is high,

But your website is running incredibly slow and consuming high loading time!

That’s the reason most of WordPress users need to install this plugin,

It works through allowing you to serve compressed and cached files to your visitors.


03: Cresta Share Count

Cresta Share Count is one of the best plugins in WordPress for Social media.

It allows your visitors to easily share your content to their social media accounts.

And unlike other Plugins that do the same job, Cresta Share counts is known for it’s Speed and Flexibility so you won’t face any issues while using it !


04:Quick and easy FAQ’s

In case you’re offering a product or a service to your clients,

You’ll probably face a lot of effort replying to all of there questions and issues, Using a FAQ’s form will save both of your clients and yourself the effort in this process!

Just install this Plugin and adjust your Frequently Asked Questions on the plugin page and You’re all set to go !


05: FB Comments

Most of wordpress users are not comfortable with the default commenting system on wordpress (Including all of our team on GlobalHow  ,

So by installing FB Comments Plugin You’ll gain the familiar look of FB comments system Also it’ll be connected to the actual Facebook accounts of your users

It’s a great add on for your content

06: Disable comments

We mentioned earlier How to add Facebook comments under every article,

Now you need to remove the default wordpress comments section!
Don’t panic, You don’t have to switch it off manually for every single post on your website,

Disable Comments Plugin will take care of this issue for you, Just Install and Activate it and it’ll do the job for you

07: Mailchimp for WP

By time your website is growing and your sales are going up, You’ll need your own Subscribers E-Mail list!

Mailchimp will take care of preparing your subscribers email list in a good form in order to send them a Mass Email Campaign or Just for storing this data for the right time !


Perhaps you’d like to know about How to creat your first E-mail subscribers list!

08: Broken Links

Most of the time when a website is live for more than 1 or 2 years, You can easily find broken links inside old articles or so

This plugin will inform you once there’s a broken link with any of your contents, By having this advantage; You’ll improve your content quality also it’ll improve your website rank eventually


09: Limit Login Attempts 

Now it’s time to secure your property, By installing and activating is plugin you’ll have some sort of defense against intruders and brute forcers That will sometimes try to hijack your website

It locks your account login section after 3 Failed attempts, Once you install this plugin you’ll have the control over how the lock down will work, Stay safe


10: JetPack

Save the best of the last, Jetpack is full package of mostly needed options for any blogger or webmaster,

It’ll provide you with Some pretty cool widgets on your theme so you can use it for free,

Also it provide a full detailed analytics report all the day, Do not miss this plugin out!



There’s a lot more of useful plugins that we may create 3 or 4 more articles one day.
So What’s your favorite plugin!

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