Remote work jobs ushering in a change to start a new era

Remote work jobs ushering in a change to start a new era

Working from 9-6 is not an option for modern employees, Who cannot jeopardise their personal ambitions.

They need time for themselves, their hobbies, their friends and family.

Gone are the days when fixed job timings were considered to be an advantage rather than rigid schedules.



In most of the countries including India,

Technology hascreated endless opportunities. Companies like Connecting All India (CAI), Brainwave,

Datum Informatics and Asplor are opening the doors of aspirants, who want to work from home while keeping up with their interests.

Remote work jobs not only encourage creativity, but also support flexibility. Earning money online is a dream come true for many working professionals.

It is the start of a new era. Fuelled by a plethora of smart phones, tablets, laptops and easily available mobile internet and WiFi, the entire concept of working has changed.

In India alone

There are 15 million Freelancers procuring more than 40 per cent of the projects globally. On average, these freelancers are earning about Rs 19 lakh per annum,

While 23 per cent of them have an annual earnings of up to Rs 60 lakh. An Indian freelancer works for an average of 37 hours per week, earning around Rs 1200 per hour.

Remote working not only supports a healthy work/life balance, but also saves a lot of travelling time. There is no reason why an employee should be tied to a 9-6 job,

When his creativity and productivity can increase significantly at a different period altogether. The benefits are clear.

Many companies like Connecting All India (CAI), Brainwave, Datum Informatics, etc Have understood that delivering high performance is not linked to working full-time. A good balance between life and work is crucial, especially in the current era.

The number of collaboration tools available have skyrocketed, and it’s easier than ever to experience the same unified interface at work remotely. The perception is changing fast and remote work jobs are ruling the roost, and the trend is likely to intensify in the future.

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