Psychology behind colors in logo design

Psychology behind colors in logo design

Visit the website of any company and you will return back to a different view by seeing their logo. The psychology behind colors is not new. Some people are attracted by the dark colors and some like light while at the same time, few are also who like classy colors so, we can say that the importance of design and color cannot be ignored in sketching logo for the company.

Colors have different wavelengths and hence affect one’s mind in different ways.  If you want to make your logo, eye-catching, you must understand the significance of colors in logo design. You must understand the meaning of each color and that how they can be used in the best regards of your business?

The following are defined some color functionalities which may be helpful in choosing colors for the logo for the company.


  1. The optimistic Color: Yellow

The sun is yellow in color which clearly shows the optimism in the color. Another advantage is that it becomes prominent in a crowd because of being a bright color. It creates attentively. You have seen this color used for safety precautions. In short, this color is giving the message of looking at the bright side.

  1. The Elegant color: Black

If you want to make your logo credible and professional look, you must choose black color. Most car companies used to make company logo. It delivers that you have a graceful product. Black is bold and could not be boring any time.

  1. An enthusiastic color: Orange

Orange shows fun, excitement, and creativity. Like yellow, it can also stand in the crowd. Just see the logo of Fanta and you will realize energy and fun in you.

And so on. There are so many colors and each has different application. Here we are not to give explanations about each color, but to define the importance of choosing them wisely as according to your product.

So which color is the best for you?

Experts say that before choosing colors for your company logo, you must go through into three steps:

  1. 1. You have complete information about your brand:

This can be figured out by examining your business’s products thoroughly and to check whether your business is about some classic products, a serious one like if you are working on a hospital company logo or a playful one if in this is for kid’s Playland etc. Understanding about this thing will make your customer’s decision easy to buy or not.

  1. Use colors accordingly:

Once you know about your product nature, you can now use colors in the best regard of your business. The colors show bonding and associations and you must be aware about that, what type of association you want to be with your customers.

  1. Knowledge of your competitor’s logo color:


Your competitor has the same product that you have so, you must know about the color he is using. This is necessary to create differentiation and uniqueness.

By seeing the psychology and nature of different colors, it is up to you know what color your company logo should be? So be ready to beat your competitor by choosing the best color for your logo.


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