Protect Your Android Device Against Spywares/Malwares.

As we see that Technology is rising widely among the past few years, Also the “Hacking” Corner is rising along with it!

Even though there’s many many ways for hacking an account/device,

Still the most usable way is the Malware patches, By using a malware, The attacker will have full control over you device And can easily monitor your activity 24/7 !

Let’s clarify this point for further knowledge about how it works !

What is a Malware/Spyware?

Simply, It’s a file that was created Manually by the attacker Or Automatically through specific Software’s that were mainly programmed for these kind of proposes.

A Malware will send all of your data to the attacker, Including your Social media account/Msgs/Bank Accounts,

There’s a new techniques that allow the attacker to have a full control on your Cameras and Microphones

So He’ll be Real-Time Spying on you!

How’s the Malware Patch is created?

As we mentioned, The attacker may create it manually or through a software.. However, During the process he go through a multiple options in setting the patch up,

As he can setup the patch to transfer data only, or to be a live session where he can spy on you anytime he wants to including Cameras And Microphones!

A Smart attacker will always choose the data transferring method

Cause of it’s low memory usage advantage so the malware won’t be noticed by the victim,

Even tho; Most of attacks nowadays are done through the live patches.

How to detect a Malware?

Detecting a malware is depending on many factors, The most important factor is to monitor your device’s performance & To focus on the possible sources that can affect your device with a malicious patch.

For Example, Let’s assume you’ve downloaded an Unknown Application through a random website or You left your device with someone you do not trust,

These are 2 possible ways for getting your device infected with a malware !

After that you’ll need to check the device for malware’s, You can easily know if you’re infected through the following points :-

  • Device gets too hot in short time, If you’re not familiar with getting your device too hot And suddenly it started up to get super hot Then you’re probably infected with a malware that’s draining your phone’s memory usage


  • Weird sound during phone calls, As the malware is recording/sending your phone calls, You may hear weird sounds during your calls so pay attention to this point.


  • Phones Slow down, If the attacker has adjusted the patch not to drain the battery too much so he can avoid the heat issue, Then it’ll come over the price of the slowing down issue so your phone will be slower than usual


  • Huge battery draining, Another problem that any patch will cause is that it’ll suck the battery’s life out of your device, So if you noticed that your battery is dying without a reasonable cause, Then we advice you to check on your files/Apps for patches.

“I Found that i’m infected, What Now ?”

So, Unfortunately you’ve found that you’re infected with a Malware Patch, Now what?

First of all you’ll have to know the exact cause of what’s infected on your device,

You can easily know the answer of this question by using on the following Applications :-


  • 360 Mobile security

This application was perfectly created by high experienced developers so it can easily scan and optimize your device to the best available options

Also it’ll locate your infected applications after the scan process so you’ll know where and what to look for.

After knowing your infected files you can also wipe the files out by using the 360 Mobile Secuirty.

So, By using this software you’ll be safe all the time as it offer Real-Time Protecting, And It’s totally FREE !


  • AVG Anti-Virus

AVG will launch a serious scan for any infected files and locate them with a request for wiping them out,

It also provide you with tips about protecting your device

And it tells you exactly what to do and how to increase your security levels !


  • Malware Bytes

Malware bytes is one of the best softwares on the internet to protect your Mobile Device / PC ,

It’s always updated with the latest patch’s codes and malwares So you won’t struggle with the process

And It’ll give you an honest and professional scan to your device so you can easily remove the infected Apps/Files in no time


Side Tip: Do not install any unknown anti-malware/anti-virus , You’ll not be so happy by having a malware application to remove your malware filesĀ 

“ALL CLEAN, How to protect my devices so i don’t get any new malware’s in the future?”

First, You’ll need to stay away from Unknown sources that provide free applications!

Just don’t go here and there looking for free applications and software’s

Cause you’ll end up by having an Infected files that’ll eventually puts you in a serious risk of losing all of your accounts !

Second, Always run your Live-Protection Apps.

As we’ve mentioned on the previous part of our discussion,

If you’re going with AVG/360/Malwarebytes

You’ll have the Live-Protection option inside the application So make sure to always make the live protection ON!

It’ll perfectly protect your device against any suspicious acts

Third, Trust no-one

Do not expose your mobile device as it’s an open house,

You got your Bank accounts / Business contacts / ..etc on your device, Make sure you’ve your Patter/PIN Code ON

And never (Seriously NEVER) let anyone know your pattern/PIN.


Malware’s are everywhere now,

All you have to do is to keep yourself away from unknown apps providers

And always have your Real-Time Protection on (example: through 360 Security app)

Also make sure you run a full scan for your device from time to time.

Facing any issues with Malware’s Removal Process ? Contact Us Anytime.

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  • March 19, 2018 at 1:17 am

    Avg computer tuneup is here now fully dealing with keys and split, so thanks for this, my computer is full secure credited to it. It really is an incredible tool to protect my computer documents and record .thanks a lot

  • March 19, 2018 at 3:07 am

    Avg computer tuneup is here now fully dealing with keys and split, so thanks for this, my computer is full secure credited to it. It really is an incredible tool to protect my computer documents and record .thanks a lot

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    I am am excited too with this question. You will not prompt to me, where I can read about it?


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