What are the Power Keywords for SEO And How to use them !


 What’s the meaning of “Power Keywords” ?

Power keywords differs from one niche to another, Also the target behind using Power keywords isn’t always the same,

For example, If you’re going to use them for SEO then your target is to rank higher, Differs than If you’re going to use them in Marketing so your target will be attracting customers.

Regarding to SEO, Let’s See what’s the most powerful keywords nowadays.


The most powerful 8 Keywords :-

01 : Today

02: Quick

03: Step By Step

04: How to

05: Simple

06: Right now

07: Easy

08: Fast

Where and When to use them ?

Actually the answer of such a question is very variable, Depending on the niche you’re working on, Also on the total context of the article is something mandatory

For example, Let’s assume you’re writing an article on Freelancing and you’re teaching your readers on how to create a good portfolio that’ll fit into the general atmosphere of the job;

So instead of writing a title of anything already tons of people had written before, You’ll adjust the title into something like this “Freelancing and account building Step-By-Step” And so.

Conclusion :-

You will use on of the power keywords into your Article Title when Publishing so you can check it’s Efficiency.

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