What’s the Landing Page And How to use it

As a Digital Marketing Agent / A Web Master Or a Blogger , You’ll go through the phrase of “Landing Page” too many times,

You’ll even see people selling Services related to Landing Pages,

So What’s the uses of this “Landing Page” and How to use it for increasing Conversions/Visitors for your Website/Product/..etc !

Let’s find out..

What is the landing page ?


Before explaining what is the landing pages we need to agree on One Term,

Which is, Landing pages are mainly used in Digital Marketing!

And Yes You may see the landing page being used in other different fields, But it’s main purpose is used in Digital marketing only.

So let’s go on, Landing page is just a Web Page which is designed to be shown in a “Professional Look” & Describing a certain Product/Service to attract the Visitors/Customers

In other words, When you design a Web Page with Focusing on a Single objective that’s called a Landing Page, It also contains (Call to Action) Functions

Call to Action : Forcing your clients to click on something or buy something 

How And Where to use the landing page so people will find it ?

Okay, Let’s figure out more about landing pages

As we mentioned before, Landing pages are used in digital, So how’s it being used in digital marketing?

Mainly the marketers use the landing page in the Paid traffic services as Google AdWords, So when people search for the targeted keywords, Google will show the paid ad on the first results on the first page.

And this is exactly where to use the landing page, You drive the visitors (Who clicked on your result on the search page) To a specific page that’s designed specific for this purpose

Some of my readers once asked me about the Difference between a landing page and the normal homepage,

So let’s discuss this point more further..

What’s the Difference between Landing Page And Home Page ?

Some of you may ask this question and wonder “What’s the difference between the Home page and Landing page”

To know more about this particular point we need to know a very popular rule in Digital Marketing, Which is, “Do Not Distract Your Clients & Make it simple as much as possible”

So, In order to follow this rule,

We need to make the landing page driving the customer to buying the Service/Product We Offer.


We need to apply this rule to our website So We’ll NOT use the Home Page,


Simply because the Home Page contains LOT OF LINKS in it,

For example (6 to 10 Links for categories, 2 to 3 Links for ads, 1 Link for contacting, 10 to 15 Links to website articles) And a lot of home page distracting materials as well.

CONCLUSION : Landing Pages are more simple and focused on a single purpose with nearly no distractions for the visitors

That’s pretty much it, That’s why we use Landing Page instead of Home Page.

Also There’s two main types of Landing Pages, Let’s find out what’s those two types used nowadays !

Types Of Landing Pages :-

Lead Capture Pages : This method is mainly used to collect Leads (Names, Emails, ..etc)

Click Through Pages : This one is used to drive potential customers to start their buying process through a Call To Action (CTA) Function.

Most of the Landing pages nowadays are using the second method,

And the reason behind using the Click-Through page Instead of Lead-Capture Page is that collecting leads can be done in many many ways,

But winning a satisfied customers is preferred to be done through the landing page.

How to create a Perfect Landing Page to attract more customers and increase conversion rates ?

There’s 2 Ways to create a perfect landing page for your business,

1st : To Have a good marketing strategy and designing skills and Create it all by yourself (Will add an article soon with the basic steps for this process)

2nd : To Buy a Professional Landing page through any of the top rated Landing-Pages-Providers on the market

AND NO, We won’t suggest any of them till now,


Simply because We’re still testing some of the best pages providers and We won’t suggest any of their services until we are 100% Sure that it will work well for your business !

(( Will Update this article Once We finish our tests with Their services))

Want to know more? Check out this E-BOOK We Reviewed earlier !

This Book explain the whole process from A to Z in a very easy way to understand, Also will be a great startup for anyone starting in this business, Enjoy the process

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