Introduction to Fiverr !

What is Fiverr ?

Fiverr is a platform that make it easier for Sellers and Buyers to meet,

Few years ago Fiverr started as a website that have service providers offering their help to get buyers requests done for only 5$

Yes, Fiverr was meant to be for Five Dollars only services.

Then after a while it allowed the users to increase the charges more than 5 Dollars .

What is gigs?

Gigs are the (Service) you’re selling or providing [ex: Providing a graphic designs Is considered a gig]

On Fiverr you’ll start as ( New Seller ) level,

New sellers are allowed to offer up to 7 Gigs .

How to create a gig ?

Simply login into your Fiverr account, go to Selling > Gigs > Create new gig

Then Create your gig title > Choose Category and Sub category for your gig

Place your price list for your gig then you’ll have to write down a description for it, Finally you’ll need to upload Picture/Videos Which will be describing your service


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What is Buyer requests ?

When a buyer doesn’t find the service he is looking for, Or even the prices are too high , Then he’ll have to create a request and define the service he wants

After his request is approved by Fiverr reviewing agents You’ll see his request on your “Buyer’s requests” List.

How the requests of Thousands of users are filtered through the whole System?

First we need to re mention the part of Choosing your gig’s Category and Sub category, This part will define which requests you’ll see at your list.

So if you have 1 Gig under the Category of Video editing & 1 Gig under the Category of Writing contents

Then your list will be consisted of Video editing & Content writing requests .

Yes, It’s that simple.

Our Rate for ( 8.5/10 )

Yes we do recommend this platform for any of our members who are looking forward to generate some cash from doing online services.


Now after you knew how Fiverr works and how to offer your services and fulfilling buyer’s needs, Go and get your sales up !

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Goodluck .

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