What is the most needed online jobs ?

Working online

Recently we discovered a new type of jobs which are built on the concept of working remotely and Later on it became known as Freelancing

And within few years after Freelancing became well known We found that there’s some kind of jobs that are somehow controlling the market and Already attracting huge number of clients

On the following lines we will discuss the most needed jobs online and where to find the best opportunitie for you career

The Top 10 Jobs online

01 : Content writing

These days we’re surrounded by huge number of online contents

And most of the time the owners of those online publishing Website/Page Do not have enough time to handle and write all of these consents you see

So, To keep the wheel going they tend to signup on freelancing sites to hire a team of content writers for their Website/Page.

What makes it easier for you to get hired ?

Before going more deeply into this article let me give a simple advice,

If you’re not good at writing Then do not proceed reading this part of the article and jump right off to Job Number 2,

Seriously, A job with high demand rates doesn’t mean that everyone should go for it.

But, In case you’re already good at writing or have the talent  then let’s go on with the rest,

First of all You need to work on a portfolio of your work,

Even if you didn’t have the chance to save your past work or even worse that you never worked as a Content writer before !

Creating a portfolio is the first priority for any employer, If you have a good one then you’ll get hired in no time.

02 : App developing

Nowadays business owners are getting more and more into technology And eventually they started asking for app developers, But Why?

Simply because most people are getting attracted to any business with verified social media accounts and a mobile app,

And here is exactly our point, Mobile apps, Either you’re a Business owner or A user of mobile apps you must be using one of these following :-

(Email app – Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Reddit – Upwork – Whatsapp – Vault – Instagram – E Wallet – PayPal)  And much much more .

Mobile apps became something we just can not abandon anytime soon, And for that reasons Digital Marketers and Business owners saw that adding an App to the Company/Business Identity is a major part of their success, After that App Developers became much needed than ever.

03 : Graphic designing

Graphic designs became a primary asset by many Companies, Social media pages, Website, Tv channels..etc

So most of teenagers went to the field of designing including all of its sub categories as :-

  • Info Graphics
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D Animating
  • 3D Modelling
  • 2D Animating
  • Explainer videos

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04 : Social media management

As we mentioned before, The number of companies and businesses that cares about running online marketing campaigns had raised a lot in the past years,

Also Social media pages are a big part of this campaigns so in order to get it done in the perfect possible way,

The owners of those Businesses/Pages tends to hire people who can run these social media

So to become successful as a Social media manager you need to focus on few terms,

  • Good Writing skills
  • Creative content creating
  • Patent
  • Ability to handle your customers

05 : Blogging And SEO

As you’re reading this article now on our blog GlobalHow.com,

There’s a lot of blogs on the internet nowadays with a great content But they’re not able to reach their audience

So in order to achieve their targeted audience;

They tend to hire a SEO specialist who knows how to rank higher on Search engines results.

As it seem easy to get it done, It is not.

SEO is such a difficult job o get it done as there’s a lot of factors affecting the rank results and sometimes it takes months to achieve a fairly a first page ranks on Google/Bing

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Those were the 5 Most needed jobs online.

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