How to Increase WordPress SEO ? Step-By-Step

Organic SEO web traffic and increasing it in no time!
Sounds impossible to most of new bloggers nowadays Right?

Actually if you handled your SEO with good strategies you’ll end up with a very impressive traffic!

And here’s the most 5 Easy Ways to improve your SEO in no time .

01: Keywords 

Create your own database of the most keywords that have a good score on Google Adwords, Do a research and know exactly what you’re heading to For your next post .


02: Yoast Meta Optimization 

First go to Yoast Official Website

And install the plugin into your WordPress website, Then just activate the plugin and write a new post to check how it’s going to workout,

You’ll find a new section added, Also a Red circle at the top of your screen

That circle is your SEO level of that post you’re going to write, Now if you scrolled down the screen you’ll notice a detailed notes about your SEO level and what’s going wrong with it,

Just follow the notes and fix all the issues within the post as mentioned .


03: Check the broken links

Go to your WordPress admin panel > Plugins > Add new > Search for ” Broken links checker “

This plugin will be responsible to check for all the broken links on your website,

If you’re wondering why this might downgrade your website at search engines index results Then i have to let you know that There is a section at Google search console center Specially for broken links errors

Conclusion: Less broken links = More chance of improving your rank .


 04: Fullfill your user’s needs .

In most of cases, the website owner just keep posting about topics he’s interested in all the time, Okay i know that it’s His/Her Own website and can do whatever He/She likes, But sometimes it’s much better to listen to your audience

This may sounds little weak but it’s more powerful and effective than you think, Learn to listen to your users and guests, Read the comments, Check the emails, And Believe me they will appreciate that, which means more traffic in return.


05: Create high quality contents .

By “High quality” I mean every little aspect of your post,

  • Make sure you write an easy form to read with no typos
  • Upload simple Pictures so it can make reading more enjoyable to your guest
  •  Don’t let them get lost, Put links to every topic you’re pointing at on your article
  • Do not leave any question Unanswered, You mention a problem THEN You mention the solution
  • Make sure your content is useful for them, Not just a good looking content

By following those 5 notes You’ll produce some good contents that’ll improve your blogging rank in general.

You can also read about the timeline of blogging it’ll helps you understand the main idea behind blogging HERE


Now you know the top 5 ways to increase your traffic, and fix any issues you’re facing in this subject, Enjoy your blogging.