Freelancing & How to earn cash out of it quick!

Freelancing is the new future of self employment niches, Now you can work from your home office, cafe, even from your own bed, Without a manager who gives you daily headache and sometimes Freelancing will produce more cash than any normal job.

So let’s get into it, If you do something really good then you’re more than ready for starting your freelancing portfolio right now, And Here’s the Best 3 Freelancing sites on the internet :-


01 :

Freelancer is considered number #1 site on the whole internet these days, it got more than 1 Million user and more than 50.000 Job tasks hovering over all the different fields (Graphic designing, translating, coding,..etc)

And believe me when i say that there is a room for you, even if you don’t know how to design or how to build a code then you absolutely know at least 2 languages and here’s the deal,

Sign up on Freelancer as a translator and place bids on translating requests,

Once you got your first job done right then it’ll be more easier to be accepted on other requests

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02 :

Upwork is the second best website on the web, it got a huge base of clients and freelancers with high rate of job requests,

But there’s 1 issue; Upwork only accepts the profiles that suits the website needs.

So our advice to you is that sign up on Upwork today and fill all the fields about your profession and past experiences,

In case you got approved then you’ll have access to hundreds of jobs with very good payments daily

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03 :

According to GlobalHow Team’s Experience; Fiverr is the best platform over any other website,

Let me tell you the difference between All freelancing sites and Fiverr,

Usually on or clients posts a job request Asking for an employer that can do what they need and all you have to do is to propose for the job,

But on Fiverr all you have to do is to create Gigs with the service you offer and upload Pictures/Videos for your service then you create a price list for this particular gig AND THATS IT !

Withing a day or two you’ll get a message from your very first buyer and get into work!

Pro Advice: Always upload a video even if its just introduction for the gig, And always message the buyer requests to help them out if you can

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