How I earned 130$ Using Landing Page Monkey in just One day

Many of the websites owners Nowadays are expecting high income through their Website/Blog,

Some of them are already generating a good amount of money through affiliates and other through selling their own products,

But what about new bloggers ?

I’ll explain how i earned 130$ in just one day by improving My landing page and My marketing strategy !

NOTE : This works with ( Google AdSense – Amazon Affiliates – ClickBank – CJ Affiliates – And Other Ad Networks )

What is the Landing page And How to setup one?
Read This Full Article about Landing Pages  


After explaining the whole Landing-Page process and Why we use Landing Pages, I’ve went to test the latest Packages on the market in the Landing-Pages Field

After finishing my tests, I’ve came up with 85$ in two days Then i went for a second try to prove my theory & Write a genuine review about that service

And I ended up with 130$ in the second try, In just one day.

What’s That Service That Helped Me Earn 130$ in one day?

Okay, Let’s get into business..

That particular service is Landing Page Monkey

Actually I’ve tried multiple products of different providers to create a high quality landing page but every single time i had an issue that won’t get fixed

Ofcourse i made some money from other providers, But when i tried Landing-Page Monkey i felt that I’ve Finally found the ultimate solution and now i can focus more on my affiliate work and sales.


10 Reasons Why I found it so special than other services I used before?

Let me tell you in Few points Why Landing Page Monkey is my favorite So far !

  • No Coding skills required at all
  • No need to download anything , It’s Web-based software so there’s
  • 2 Modes available (Simple & Advanced) So you can tweak anything you want without restrictions
  • Unlimited number of pages (Saves tons of money)
  • Conversions & Statistics are Built-in so no need to do any math, It’s automated
  • FREE Background video designs , You can add a video in the background in high quality for free
  • Works with all E-Mail providers (Mail Chimp/ Get Response / etc..)
  • Works perfectly with Any browser & Any mobile or tablet (That’s a huge Plus)
  • You don’t need to own a Web Hosting Account to use it, They will take care of that for you (FREE)
  • Social sharing tools are Built-in, No need to waste time getting them ready for working live.


How I used this service to increase my sales ?

First of all i spent some time searching for a good product to work on,

After few hours I found an E-Book that’s 100% Legit, With no scams or False promises.

Then i went to sign up for a New account on Landing Page Monkey, After creating my first account on there i started building the page

Actually i was afraid of one thing, Which is, Spending hell lot of hours designing and coding my new landing page for that product then i was completely amazed by the ease of use and the all built-in features

What so ever, I finished the page in no time but I was still little bit paranoid ,I felt that It’ll be slow as f*ck or even worse, It won’t work as they promised

The good thing is, It worked perfectly!

How did i know? Simple, I started a mini campaign on my social media networks and in couple of hours i received my first commission !

Yes, Simple as That! (As long as you’re aware of social media marketing & E-mail marketing)


Wanna see it in action? Here you are

This is a video explaining how to get your page done in literally 5 Minutes !



Wanna know more about landing pages and how to raise your monthly income up to 3000$ a Month?

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