Generating 25K Traffic in 48 Hours

Traffic Generating ;- As you can see nowadays, Most of people tends to create a Website/Blog to be a second source of income through an eCommerce , Affiliate Landing Pages , Or Shortened links

But Whenever We mention Creating a Website or a Blog then we must mention the “Traffic” Part,

Actually it’s the most important part, Why?

Simply because in any case or reason you’re creating that website, Then You’ll need visitors and readers to make your content alive

Many new web masters go through this struggle and they may even turn off their Website for not having any significant traffic progress !

So, How to overcome this issue? And How to generate at least 80K-100K Traffic in no time ?

Let’s find out, But First, I’d like to start the process from the very beginning..

Why would anyone start Building a website ?


There’s many many reasons behind Building a website,

Some would like to share their lifestyle and create a little social community

Others would think of generating money through that website, Through lot of different ways of monetizing.

I remember when i got 130$ in one day through affiliate marketing, Most of my clients asked me how to do the same and earn 100$+ a Day,

So i wrote a full article about the process and how i earned that cash in no time

How I earned 130$ Using Landing Page Monkey in just One day

And whether you’re willing to share a lifestyle blog or a niche website You’ll need a traffic to start your online Business/Activities


10 Ways to generate Huge Traffic to your Website/Blog :-


01: Social media

One of the best ways to generate a good and constant traffic to your Website/Blog is to add a social media network to your strategy

For example, If you have a Facebook Page or Twitter Account with Thousands of active followers, Then you’ll be able to lead them to your Articles anytime you want to.

But keep in mind that You’ll lose those followers if your content wasn’t good enough, Always try your best to create a Fresh content that’ll help your readers

02: Email Marketing

This method is being used by most of the Online Marketers and Business Owners,

Web masters tends to follow different strategies in E-Mail Marketing, In order to gain a decent amount of Visitors And Potential customers.

My suggestion is not to follow this way if you’re not building a business on your website, For example, If you’re running a Life-Style Blog then this way won’t be efficient enough.

But if you’re running campaigns of any products or services or even running an ad network like Google AdSense or AdThrive, Then i suggest you start creating an E-Mail Marketing right away

5 Simple ways to get your first E-Mail Subscribers list !


03: Good Readability

Let’s assume you’ve created a good content with a good E-mail list and a well known social media network, And You’re still facing the struggle of people leaving your website


Actually there’s so many reasons but the most common one is the Hard Readability of your contents

Which means that you’re writing your content in a significant bad way, Whether you’re grammar isn’t written right, Or your format is a mess.

So, In order to fix this issue, You’ll need to follow simple rules,

First rule is to NEVER write more than 20-30 Words in one line, Press Enter & Start a new line instead

Splitting your content into isolated lines will make it Much easier to read and actually enjoy the content

Second rule is to use simple words, Do not go for hard rare words and phrases,

Not everyone is an English Fluent, Remember, If your content isn’t easy to understand then your visitors is gonna get away and literally never come back.

GOOD NEWS, There’s a WordPress Plugin that’ll get this done without spending hours of Proof-Reading your contents, This plugin is Yoast SEO

You can also check ,

Top 10 Time Saving WordPress Plugins

04: Creating Viral Content

Creating a viral content will drive a lot of traffic to your website without spending hours and hours of promoting your content and doing A-B Strategies

But what’s the main aspects of making a viral content?

First Rule of all time is Creating an Attractive Headlines 

I KNOW, THIS IS NOW NEW AT ALL, But Believe it or not it’s still working like magic.

Let me tell you a secret, Attractive headlines are being used by all News & Reporters since 1920

Did you know: In 1927 there was an Ad Published with one of the best Lead Grabbing Strategies, I’ve searched for the original ad and finally found it, Here you are

So, What do you see in that picture?

Actually, It’s a simple Ad with just a super attractive headline, This kinda headlines will make you wonder about what’ll be inside of this article and eventually reading the whole article,

For example, You’ll think of “What happened when he started to play” !

I found this a very good example of showing you the Real Attractive Headlines, Not those trash we see nowadays.

05: Content Length

Look, When i went for researches about that point I’ve found very little articles talking about the length of any content and How it can affect your Google result ranking.

So let’s figure this out, Google has changed it’s algorithm couple of years ago to clean their search results from Spammers And EMD ( Exact Matched Domains )

Their algorithm was built on a very common rule nowadays, Which is, “Quality over Quantity”

In other words, It doesn’t matter if you’ve thousands of shitty back-links anymore, Or even having Hundreds of Low Quality Content on your website.

On a research made by a well-known web master, He discovered that a Content with 3000+ Words Will rank higher than any content with less words,

And ofcourse You’ll still need to make sure of the other aspects like (Good Readability & Keywords Optimizing)

A PLUS : Adding this technique to the Viral Content will increase your ranking in significant way


06: Paid search results


It’s a little costy method but it’s 100% Efficient, When you already have the suitable content and the perfect opt-in active, Then it’s time to jump into the real business strategies, Which is, The Paid Search results

There’s many companies out there that owns a Publishing networks and other are the search engines themselves

Some of the 3 Best Companies i worked with earlier are:-

  • Google Ad Words
  • Taboola
  • Content Ad


This method can be used in many cases Such as owning a Landing Page and you need to drive traffic to it so you can get more Sales/Leads, In this case let’s assume that you’ll earn ~20$ Per sale, and you launched a paid ad service and you’re targeting 2000 to 3000 visits for ~15$ , So in case just one visitor of the 2000 bought the product then you’ll cover the Ad cost + Earning extra 5$ beside the traffic you got.



07: Using Quora & Yahoo Answers

Many people go to Quora and Yahoo Answers to seek some solutions and answers for their issues and questions,

What if you’re the one who wrote a whole article answering a question they’re seeking after it’s answer?

So, Assuming you own a Tech blog and you need some good traffic, Then you go to Quora and see the users questions and what they actually need

Then you go write an article about it, Or at least have an article that’s related to the question and you simply answer His/Her Question and include a link to your article in case they need to know more.

That Way, You’re not spamming or anything, In fact you’re helping people out and lead some good traffic as well.

Also on Yahoo Answers, It’s the same process, You find latest questions posted by the website’s users and you simply answer them with your article

08: YouTube Channel

Creating a youtube channel will affect your website in many factors,

Most important one is the traffic, If you’re actually creating a good content then i can guarantee you a good traffic for both of the channel and the website, And i’m talking about thousands of traffic not just few hundreds

You can also use your AdSense account on your youtube channel in order to increase your Online Revenues

And this takes us to the second factor, Which is, Increasing income through YouTube channel !

Taking advantage out of this step to Connect your Youtube channel to Google’s AdSense, At the same time your website is connected to AdSense too

That way your earnings are Doubled and Your Traffic is Higher, Win Win Situation.

09: Content Transformation

This method only works when you already have 50+ Articles

It’s simply the idea of Re-Publishing your content in a total different form

For Example, Let’s say you’ve 10 Articles about Creating Viral Contents, Each article contains 3500+ Words

Then you’ll mix all these ten articles into One E-Book and Publish your new E-Book out,

Also you’ll need a good mini strategy to let your audience know that you have a new e-book discussing the viral contents creation

That way you’ll drive a good traffic to your website cause of the free services you’re offering exclusively on there.

10: Guest Posting 

Now we’re here to the last method we have today, Guest Posting, It’s the simplest method also will not cost you anything (Most of the times)

Many website owners will like to have free articles on their websites,

So if you can write a quality content you should go on with writing 2 or 3 Fresh contents and insert your website link inside them so you can drive traffic from those articles to your own website

Then you can contact the website’s owners through their websites directly or through Facebook groups And ask them for Guest posting regarding your niche

That way you’re opening a backdoor to your website, And the best part is, Whenever those owners promote their website They’ll automatically promote your content as well, Totally Free !


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