ECommerce Basics 101

On the following lines We’ll discuss the basics of E-Commerce through the experience of some of our professional members at

What is ECommerce ?

Through out the past years the Definition of eCommerce has changed a lot, but in general it’s defined as Selling “Anything” Electronically, Also eCommerce includes all the terms of Management, Trading, Marketing, Delivering

Most of the successful businesses nowadays are already including eCommerce into their work as it fairly increase their monthly revenue than being restricted to offline business only .

Advantages of ECommerce ?

Working online through the Web gives every business owners the ability to interact with more customers, Also the number of potential purchasers go higher, Not just that but it also leads to wider stream for clients/customers All over the world !

So, With a good marketing strategy and a good service You can reach nearly anywhere in the world with eCommerce

What to put in mind before going on with ECommerce ?

To achieve a great service with good revenues in a consistent rate You need to take advantage of being on a market where everything is open for the public; And also opened for you !

Going with a research for (ex: Who are your opponents ? , What’s their strategy? , What are their weak points ?)

So, To simplify this part :-

  • Think
  • Do a research
  • Plan a strategy

Expectations to go with ?

Do not expect generating millions without going with a smart plan and A Real good budget for marketing

It’s just that simple, To gain money You need to spend some money first.

And Yes, You can make millions out of eCommerce !

Millions Out of ECommerce !

Trevor Chapman
13 Years ago there a broke university student started a job in pest control with a Door-To-Door service , Later on he started his own business in solar panel installation

Then he thought to himself that even with succession in his business withing 3 states But it’s not enough,

So he started a new investment with a budget of 200$ for building an online store ,The store was built on the concept of importing Chinese items .

Withing Three months he went from spending more than 10 hours on a daily basis in his Solar panel company To  just spending 1 to 2 hours on his website !

By the time he was already reached his 1 Million $ sales

Common Mistake

Many people who starts their own business online go with a major mistake,

Selling their products in a price which is not going on easy with the market, For example:

A (X) Product costs 100$ in stores, Then you create your online store and set the (X) Product for 150$ .

Believe it or not, But most of the Online stores owners do this mistake from time to time, Which leads to very low sales by the end of the month Forcing them to quit or lose interest in the whole idea

So, How to set your prices ?

As we mentioned (Market research) from a while, We will repeat the same point again.

Do a very deep research on the market you’re targeting and pay attention to what are the prices of your opponents regards the extra services they’re offering

For example: ( Free delivery, Free product with the order, Discounts and coupons) 

How to attract customers ?

Let’s assume you’ve created your online store with a good marketing strategy and already made your prices with a good concepts that they’re fitting in the current state of your niche, So where’s the customers now ?

Simply, You need a huge traffic to gain potential customers And this traffic you’re seeking Also needs a good strategy for Search engine ranking postition ( SERPS )

PLUS, You’ll need a good strategy for sharing your products to more audience on Social media platforms Like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn !

To Know more about this part of our discussion Kindly check this detailed article about ranking and setting up your website to the best condition possible

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