How to earn cash out of Adfly !

What is Adfly ? is a website that offers a very handy service which is Shortening links,

Most of websites/online business Cares about sharing contents in a good form without

200 Letters URL

Actually there is bunch of websites that are already working on shortening links, But Why did we choose out of them all?

Simply because of it’s smart marketing system!

When people clicks on a shortened link that was produced by,

They’ll directed to a 5 Seconds page before reaching their main URL got 2 options when signing up for an account ( A Publisher – An Advertiser )

The advertiser is the one who pays to so His/Her AD shows up during the 5 Seconds AD

The Publisher is the one who shorten the links, Also the publisher will get Paid by when he shares a shortened link and get 1000 Impressions (Clicks) !

Payments system, What is it and How it works !

So, As we mentioned has lunched a service 2 years ago where you can actually earn money through people who clicks on your shortened link!

Even tho some will call this is a CPC but it’s not, They’re working with a CPM system but they’re paying way too good !

Maybe most of people heard about CPC but CPM?

Okay, CPM is shortcut of Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Impressions

This means that every 1000 Impressions You’ll get paid

It may seems little bit difficult but i know some people who generates 20-30 Dollars Every 2 weeks or so,

Keep in mind that you’re not doing anything rather than sharing links, It sounds like Free Cash to me .

What you’ll need to generate good amount of cash Daily/Weekly ?

Yes you can generate money out of it on a daily/weekly basis, With having one of the following options :
  • Website / Blog
  • Facebook / Twitter, With good amount of followers*
  • Whatsapp / Telegram broadcasts, (Just choose a link that’ll suits everyone , ex: religious links)
  •  Instagram, With good amount of followers

So, In case you’re capable of any of those options then you’re more than qualified to generate daily income from sharing some links


Note : You’re not restricted to share links of website that you own! Choose any link from any website and shorten it, Once it’s shortened You’ll be paid for every completed CPM of that produced link  


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Good luck 

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