Creating Free SSL Certificate Step-By-Step

Many of the website owners nowadays are struggling with having the (Secure) Lock on their website, So what does this Green Secure Lock means ? And How to generate one for your website without paying a penny ! Let’s Find Out

What does the Green lock means?

Assuming you’ve created your website from scratch and already adjusted it to fit all the SERP’s but you’re still struggling with earning your visitors/customers trust,

Not only that, But, Even Google’s AdSense didn’t approve your submission cause of your SSL missing certificate

Also your website is not reaching the minimum audience you’re seeking!

Why is that happening?, Simply because of not having the SSL Certificate !

The SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, And what this protocol actually means is that it creates a secure connection between your clients and the server which receives the information.

So, If your visitors are writing any sensitive informations (ex. Bank accounts/ Card numbers/ Social media accounts) They can easily traced by any amateur hacker, And believe me, You will struggle specially with your eCommerce Businesses without the SSL

Just think about it for a moment, It’ll be hard to earn money or even rank on the first page of any search engine results while your site is not secure and can’t protect the visitor’s credentials.

Side Note: Having a valid SSL Certificate will convert your website url from HTTP to HTTPS

How to get a valid SSL Certificate ?

Actually there is many ways to get a valid SSL for your website, most of them are for provided for annual fees ,Average ranges are between 50$ To 100$ Per year.

But, What we discuss today is how to get one for FREE without anything in return In a legal way.


NOTE: Do not proceed in this tutorial if you’re using BlueHost Web hosting as they’re already offering a Free SSL for their customers. Perhaps you’ll need to read this article about web hosting (How to choose the best web host 2018)


Let’s keep going now, To get the Free SSL We’ll need to use the Easiest and Best ways available nowadays which is this decent website

This website will provide you with a valid SSL Certificate that works perfectly with almost every browser and Search engines.

Getting started with the process :-

First you have to know how to Use FTP (We should write an article about it)

Let’s get started :-

  • Go to
  • Enter your website URL and press Create Free SSL Certificate.
  • Click on Manual Verification.
  • Click Manually verify Domain.
  • Download File 1 & File 2.
  • Create a folder and name it ( .wellknown ) Then put the Files 1 & 2 inside it.
  • Create another folder in your domain under ( .well-known ) named ( acme-challenge ).
  • Then upload the files to your ( Acme-challenge ) Folder on your domain Using any FTP Software.
  • Click Download SSL Certificate
  • DONE.

HAVING PROBLEM WITH THIS PROCESS ? Let’s try another easy way !

  • Go to
  • Enter your website URL and press Create Free SSL Certificate.
  • Click on Automatic verification.
  • Choose Type : FTP
  • Write your URL in the HOST field.
  • Port : 21 ( In case you changed the FTP Port then you’ve to change 21 by the new port ).
  • Write your Username.
  • Write your Password.
  • Leave the Directory field empty.
  • Click Download SSL Certificate.
  • DONE.

One little step left !

After installing the SSL Certificate You’ll need to add the HTTPS Versions of your website to your google search console account!

Just login to your Google Search Console account and add the following


Then, go to the XML website maps section and provide the URL’s of your Website map.

That’s all.



To Activate the SSL on WordPress make sure you download the following plugins

Then, Go to your settings and change the URL from HTTP to HTTPS

Now your website is Successfully Secured!

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