How to choose the Best Web host in 2018 ?

What is the Web host?

IN ONE SENTENCE: It’s a service that you can create and publish a Website/Blog through it.

More details? Okay.

There’s a company that owns high quality computers, a lot of high quality computers. (Servers)

And through web hosting You will rent a computer of them (Server) to store you website files and data on it.


Is there anything else you need before signing up for a Web hosting? YES!

You need to own a (Domain) So it can be connected to the web hosting .


Is there such thing as (Best Web Hosting Services) ? YES THERE IS.

Recently we found a lot of web hosting services all around internet, AND THATS NOT GOOD !

A bad web hosting will lead to huge problems and issues,

You even may risk your website to break down for hours from time to time.


Here are the best 3 Web hosting on internet :-

01: BlueHost

BlueHost currently is the best Web hosting service provider on the whole web, It offers 3 Membership plans ( Basic – Plus – Prime) ,

If you’re a beginner at creating a web host for 1 website only and going to sign up at web host Then We advice you to choose the basic plan because you won’t need anything more than what it offers.


And Here are the plans in details


GoDaddy is also one of the most popular and used services online, Not only for web hosting but it also provides a very good service in buying domains.

And We would like to announce that Global How Community Owns a very rare premium domain on Go Daddy hosts And We will provide 25% for any member of Global How guests so do not hesitate contacting us anytime .

Here are Go Daddy Plans for web hosting :-

03:Host Gator

Host gator must be from our Best 3 Web hosting services list,

It has very good service and plans for individuals

And here are the plans of