Building A Website (Step-By-Step) And Adjusting it for Monetizing!

Monetizing & Building the perfect website !

We see many guys out there building websites/blogs to fulfill their hobby of writing and sharing their knowledge or even their daily activities and interests

Recently, People realized that Websites can actually generate a good income through many ways, We even see people nowadays quitting their full time jobs cause of the fairly good income they earn through blogging !

So, How do you reach that point of owning a Perfect Website for generating money online? 

First of all, Let’s start the process by creating the website. You’ll need 2 Things, Which are :-

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web hosting provider

Domain Name :-

It’s obvious, I know, But I see some people who’re good at writing fresh contents with a high quality

And actually they have a very good chance at promoting their website to the highest of SERP’s (Search engine ranking position)

But, They choose weird names for their website Or even worse they choose a very long domain name with hard to remember keywords .

So, Always try your best at creating a domain that’ll fit all the aspects of specialty,

Also keep in mind that you’re building a business identity cause it’ll be a Plus once you reach a good consistent traffic And a good income .

Pro Tip: Pick a name that’ll fit in any niche or even better At Any Country, That way you’ll find your way more easier through advertising, Affiliates, Dropshipping,..etc

Web Hosting Provider :-

Let’s assume you’ve picked a good domain name for your website, Now it’s time to rent a server so you can have your database on.

A One will think of paying for the least cost package, Even though this step will actually help you A LOT through the process, How? Let’s find out.

The web hosting service is involved in the process of SERP’s , Search engines nowadays are programmed to check the site loading time every time the crawlers hit your site

Which means, That if you have a tons of great content with high quality and exclusive sh*t ,You’ll still have a bad ranking at the result page.

Search engines like Google Are seeking the best results for their visitors,

They’re no longer giving any good ranks for Slow websites and the priority always goes to the fastest website (Assuming that everything else is well performing)

Thus, You’ll have to choose the best web hosting service out there!

We suggest that you may have to check this detailed article to know what’s the best web host for your business
How to choose the best web host 2018


Now you have to choose the best platform to work on!

There’s a lot of platforms out there by now But which is the best one to work on?
The answer is simple: ” WordPress “

More than 70% of the websites are running on WordPress, Simply because it has a very friendly interface that you don’t need to know anything about Coding or Web Designing or even Web Security.

Also, There’s many available plugins that’ll help you to develop your website to the best condition possible.

For example, You have plugins to watch the spam comments/emails and filter them out SO Your website won’t break down and go offline

There are Analytics plugins as well so you can have a full look on your websites visitors and know your most visitors from.

Actually there’s many plugins that’ll take your website to the next level, Check this out if you’re interested at knowing what’ll make your website better What are the best 10 plugins for WordPress

Website Design, Does it matter ? 

Assuming that your content is super good, Also Your website is super fast.. But your audience are hating and do not stay more than 1 minute session on your website, Why ?

That’s Simply because your design SUCKS

You have to choose a friendly looking website design, And that’s one more good reason for choosing WordPress!

Actually WordPress has a full store for themes with high quality, And the Good News is; There’s tons of Free themes to choose from !

So.. Pick a nice theme that’ll fit your niche and make your visitors satisfied about reading contents on your website.

You can ask your friends and family about how your website design looks like, They’ll tell you whether too keep it or to have a better one .

The easy part is over, Let’s get into business!

By now you’ve to be finished all the easy parts, Guess what? The Easier is yet to come 😉

Getting Traffic.

Most of my clients keep moaning about how hard getting a traffic is, And that their eCommerce Website isn’t getting any sales.

The problem is, They thought that the traffic will fall into their website with thousands of visitors But the truth is that getting a traffic isn’t that easy, TILL NOW.

Enough introducing the scene, Let’s work.

First you’ll have to Forget all the sh*t about getting traffic through google & bing if you’re new, They’re important and we’ll keep adjusting the website to fit their algorithm but for traffic? No, Not now

We’ll head to a strategy that’s not used by many till now and We have to take advantage of it as much as we can,

90% of people have a Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn accounts, Also, They’re checking into those accounts on a daily basis

What are they doing when checking on their accounts? They check the timeline and notifications/msgs

What do they see on the timeline? Pages Contents & Posts


You’ll target your audience through the other side of the galaxy, Through their social media accounts.

But, There’s a problem of not having a popular page/account to post your lead links into ..

The solution is Investing, Yes you’ll need to pay a little to gain much more, The investing in here will be involved in the Buying-Pages part.

You’ll head to the groups that sell popular pages with active visitors and fans, There’s a lot of groups that are selling this kind of services.

Once you buy a good page with at least 250.000 Likes/Follows, That moment you’ll own your future fortune.

Pro Tip: Do not buy a page that is managed to be about cooking while your website is about technology and software’s, Pick the page that will suit your website niche!

Another Pro Tip: It’s not necessary to rename the page by the same name of your website, People won’t care as much if they’re seeing the website’s page promoting it’s own content, Also try to post regularly on the page as if it’s not related to your website all the time !

Now, Start Creating your content

Let’s take a look at your achievements till now,

  • You own a unique domain name
  • Also, A unique web hosting service that’ll boost your performance in the long term
  • An eye-catching design that’ll make your visitors more likely to re-visit your website
  • You own a source on the social media to generate quarter million traffic (At least) Every month


Your Content !

Perhaps you heard what’s being said all over the internet “Content is king” , And actually it’s 100% True.

Your content is the most valuable variable to either generate thousands of dollars each month or to break down within a month.

Be Creative :-

Don’t just go here and there to steal ideas !

That’ll get you no where at the end, So in order to achieve a great traffic that’ll make people love to see your content you have to create an articles/posts about something that they would really like to read

For example, If You’re writing in Health & Fitness, And there’s a new supplement out there on the market that promises to burn 5 to 10 KG of fats per month,

In that case you should write an article on that supplement and to explain it’s ingredients and if that is really possible to lose that much of fats in such a short time.

(P.S: There’s no supplement on the planet that’ll make you lose 10KG of fats per month so if you see that sh*t tell them to f*ck off)

I think you got the idea by now.

Fresh Content :-

Yes, Your content needs to be fresh so you can rank and go wild.

And by fresh i mean that your content must be published for the first time, if the article/post is copied from somewhere else then i can not promise anything good in return

Just think, Did you ever found a duplicate content on google first page? I know your answer.. ” NEVER ”

The algorithm is automatically banning any copied content from ranking, it must be F R E S H

Now You’re ready to start monetizing your Website!

We Guarantee that by this strategy you’ll generate a very good amount of cash monthly.

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