Blogging history and timeline

Blogging history and how it’s all started till our current day!

Thinking about how did blogging started and searching for some informations about it?

Then it’s the right place to start off  and you’ll know your way up by finishing this article, So let’s begin our trip !



The first blog ever was created in 1994 By a man called Justin Hall;

Even that it was a very simple blog But it made a huge impact on internet user’s back then,

Few years after;

Blogging grew up among all the web & by the Year 1997 The general idea of blogging was much more familiar for internet users

And was known as “Weblog”, Then it was shortened to the name “Blog” we use nowadays.



Back in the 90’s there was no Facebook or Twitter,

People had different ways to communicate with each others,If you gave yourself a minute to think you’ll realize something,

If you were living at this Era and had no social media websites Then the first thing that’ll come up to your mind is the Blogging sites;


And that’s it ! , That’s why most of people back then used blogs, Most of the blogs were created by group of friends to interact with each other and share their daily events together.

But that’s not all !



Companies and markets thought of something ” Why don’t we make use of the “Blogs” and gain some profits”

At first they used the Blogs to interact with their customers and gain more knowledge about feedbacks .

Then what ? The designing Era and marketing techniques started to rise !

Web designing and making use of this new type of businesses was a must,

And that’s how the look of blogs got more evolved through all of these years.


In August 1998,

there was a huge hurricane “Hurricane Bonnie“, And the race to the exclusive pics was sort of harsh for reporters,

So “The Charlotte observer” sent a group of reporters and photographer to take photos of this event,

After that they built a blog and it was updated every 30 mins with new pics and news, and that’s it !

A whole upgrade in the culture point of view , They realized that blogs could be holding much more usage than they thought !


More than 20 years have passed since Justin hall’s first blog,

Now blogs are everywhere, Whenever you open social media websites You’ll find a link to a blog here and there,

Even now, you’re reading this historical article on a Blog !

Finally, Blogs gave us a huge step forward, It eased general relationships and connections, Increased sales, And Very essential part of any serious business .


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