Modelling Basics for 3D Artists

Why Discussing Modelling Basics?

As we mentioned on a previous article That 3D Artists can generate a very good income by selling their models online ( 3D Modelling & How to earn cash out of it Quick! )

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01 : Lighting Positions.

Most of any 3D scene depends on the lights, Let’s assume you’re building a very good model with amazing details and ratios;

Then you went up for a render test and you found a little surprise, The scene SUCKS!

Even though you’ve a pretty good model it still looks like Sh*t, Actually most of 3D modelling beginners go into this kind of mistakes

They think that lighting is the easy part and all they have to do is setting up couple of Area Light and that’s all, Which is totally wrong.

So, Before rendering you scene Make sure that you’ve a really good lighting system with the right aspects and ratios.

02 : Limbs .

Make sure you always pay attention to the Limbs of any character modelling! Most of beginner artists learn how to create a fine piece of art in modelling characters but they forget to pay little bit more attention to the limbs.

Pro Tip :

Read more and more about anatomy of 3D character modelling, By studying how the human body is built on and what actually responsible for the overall natural look; You’ll know when to start a perfect step towards a successful modelling career 

Also, When modelling the fingers do not make them straight as f*ck!

Give some bends to each finger so it look more realistic than just straight bars !

03 : Create a mess to achieve more realism!

It sounds little bit weird but believe me when i say that to achieve a professional realism scene you’ve to stay away from “Perfectionism” That most of the artists are seeking nowadays

There is no perfect human body, There’s no perfect muscle neither a perfect skin/fat ratios.

Create wrinkles if needed, Let some parts un-softened , Create a muscle little bit different than it’s other side twin.

That way, with a good texturing, you’ll achieve a good realistic scene .

Note : This doesn’t apply on cartoon scenes

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04 : Actions & Reactions

In case you’re modelling a Character or An Object Then you’ll need to know this part of how Actions & Reactions work.

Let’s assume you’re modelling a character throwing a baseball, Most of beginners will go on with modelling the character’s hand backwards and spend a pretty good time and effort adjusting it’s position Without Paying any attention to the character’s leg/chest/knees

So, The right way is as the following :-

  • Yes modelling his arm and hand backwards is the right first step
  • Then you’ll need to focus on moving his chest forward and up a little up as he’s taking his breath before throwing the ball
  • Moving on of his legs forward with bending the knee a little bit
  • Uplifting the other leg 3 or 4 CM from the ground as He’s containing his power into his hand and is already about throwing the ball

How this explanation was produced and written? It’s Simple.

So let’s jump into our 5th and last part of our discussion, Searching and Studying ! 

05 : Search & Study

I remember back then when i started to learn 3D Modelling (Even before character modelling) , I used to notice that all the professional artists were pointing to one direction, which is Studying modelling on academic basics

Which means that whenever you think of modelling “Anything” not just characters

Then you have to consider studying this particular Object that you’re going to work on.

For example, Let’s assume that you’re going for a Race motorbike model, In this case you’ve to have a research on the Bike model, Also it’s tires, outlook, seat, indicators, engine,…etc

So after all your research’s on that bike You’ll be able to have a Wide angle look into your model and at the end you’ll produce a fine piece of art that you’ll proudly add to your portfolio .


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