After effects Projects and How to earn from it !

Previously we discussed how to earn good amount of cash through 3D modelling

So, today we’re going to discuss how to sell your Aftereffects Projects on VideoHive !
But first let’s know more about Video Hive.

What is Video Hive ?

Video Hive is related to Envato Market which holds very different Niches

Also there’s a lot of different mini markets inside VideoHive itself ! Let’s see :

  1. After Effects Projects
  2. Apple Motion
  3. Stock Footage
  4. Cinema 4D templates
  5. Adds On




So as we mentioned, There’s many parts of this market and On this article we’re going to cover just one side of it which is the After Effects Projects

What kind of projects to create ?

Actually you can create anything to sell on this market But there’s some types of projects that’ll generate a Good and Consistent sort of income, Those types are divided into the following

Intros-Outros / Lower Thirds / Social Media Promotions / Video Trailers Templates

By creating one project for any of those idea’s then we can assure you it’s going to be on a good sale if you created something new and creative!

Visit VideoHive and have a look on the ideas people working on, Feed your vision as much as you can then start your own created project


How it works ?


Now as you learned a bit more about that market and got a general idea about the current market flow and created your first project.

So how to offer your project ?

1 – Create a Good looking interface Including your Compositions / Files / Place Holders, Do not ever create a messy project file. 

2 – Create a PDF with steps for how to edit this template and insert any logo/picture/video He/She wants, So your buyers can easily use this projects

3 – Create a Video preview, After finishing your Project file / Tutorial PDF / Files directories .. Then produce a video showing off your project in a good quality

4 – Take a Snapshot of the best part of the video


These are the main lines to follow when working on your new project, Read more on their Videohive Guidelines

How much to expect from selling After Effects Projects ?

To be honest there is no specific answer for this question, But i can tell you that members of my team joined Video Hive and uploaded 6 projects with average price (18$-24$) for each project, and they made over A thousand dollars in less than 60 Days

So why not creating some projects to sell and generate a monthly income ?

You can sign up for an account from Here


Contact us if you needed any further help, Good luck ! 

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