5 Simple ways to get your first E-Mail Subscribers list !

Most of bloggers now day feel unsatisfied with just posting articles every now and then, They even get more unsatisfied about their blog when it’s not getting that much income they thought it’d get !

In this article we will discuss one of the ultimate solutions for this issue .


01: Twitter power! 


Ever thought how do people make the right use out of social media and even get huge subscribers due to their activity on their accounts ?

It’s easier than you’d ever think !

First you’ll need to create a new Twitter account with your website name or your own real name,

Then upload your website logo or a good picture of you, And go for following influencing people of your niche

And most important is to interact with their Tweets,

After a while try to build relations with them and that’ll eventually lead to a good numbers of followers to your account !

Once your accounts gets a satisfying number of followers,

Start making use of your profile !

Your bio area is where you’ll put a link to your free E-Book/Service so people will subscribe to get it.

On your profile timeline you’ll Pin a tweet of your Most traffic gainer Article.

And believe me this will fill your list with a good numbers of subscribers, A
nd in case your site map is handled in a good way then perhaps you’ll gain long term users to your place.


02: Give them something totally for FREE!

People loves to get free stuff, Specially if it’s going to teach them how to earn cash



If you’re going to offer something for free Then Make sure it’s legit !
Do not convince them to subscribe And scam them after, This will make you lose your rank sooner or later.

So, Create a good content (E-Book, Video tutorials, Giveaways..etc) And offer it for Free
This will make you earn a lot of loyal customers and subscribers as long as you’re not scamming them.

03: Install a Pop-Up plugin to your website .

There’s one single rule when it comes to pop-ups “Make it easy to close the pop up Yet Too hard to ignore!”

In other words, Create a very good looking appealing pop up,

And do not hide the (X) Button or the (Close) Sign,
Also make it too hard to ignore by inserting an AD of your Free-Service we mentioned earlier

That’s how simple it is to take advantage of all the tricks in one package without irritating your guests.

There’s a lot of Pop-Up plugins online, Choose the one you feel it suits your business and go for it.

04: Use Opt-In E-mails !

If you’re an Employee, Freelancer , FX Trader, Blogger…etc You’ll be using E-mails almost every single day
You can use Opt-In to your Free service/Website at the signature area

So you can make use of your daily emailing and attract more guests and subscribers

It differs from one email service provider to another but Gmail has an automatic signature option that’ll make everything easier for your

Here’s how to get it done 

go to Settings > General. Scroll down and you’ll find the Signature section . THAT’S IT

Signature example

“Adam lenon,
Ready to get your online business done in Just 10 Days? Get a free tutorial HERE  “

Simple as that, You’ll build your subscribers list in the same time you’re working on your daily routine!

05: Facebook Page.

As we discussed the power of having a good looking Twitter account with great relations with all the powerful influencers of your Niche, Now it’s time to know how to make use of Facebook but in a Little different way!

Ofcourse we won’t mention anything about getting a lot of likes and so on, It’s an obvious term.

But, There is 2 tips that’ll make you gain a nice number of guests,

*The First is to add a (Sign-Up Button) to your page, That’ll give the viewers the look of a professional business page and will probably click that button to see if your business is Paid membership or Free of charge!

And when you’re adjusting the settings of the button, DO NOT Put the link of the Free service page!
Just Create a good looking landing page to your most viewed articles and a Pop up sign form and put the link of it in the button’s settings !

*The Second is to upload a video cover for your page!

Static pictures and not that much impressive anymore, And most of the marketing strategies used in cover pictures are over used by now and probably have no effect on the targeted audience, If you’re good with motion graphics then We advice you to create a good looking video cover for your page, It’s a very good add-on nowadays.

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By now you should gained some new experience and knowledge how to earn new members and E-mail subscribers, It’s all about a smart plan to set up using all the possible tools, Enjoy !


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