3D Modelling & How to earn cash out of it Quick!

First of all

3D world is full of dream jobs and salaries, Yest that’s what most of people think, But the truth is 3D

modelling/animating is harder than anything else And without a good work samples/experience it’ll be much harder to find a good employment with the desired salary.



There’s a lot of Online markets that let you Show off your 3D Models so every client of there website could see the offered models, And here’s the Top three online markets :-

01 : Turbo Squid

Turbo Squid is one of the Biggest and Greatest markets on the web, Also it has huge number of clients so you’ll have a


good chance to sell your models and earn some good cash, But it’ll need some effort in creating a high quality models because you’ll be in a tough competition with other artists, Keep going in the right direction and you’ll make up a good experience out of it.


02 : CG Trader


CG Trader is an Online market that was founded in 2011 and backed by Intel capital & Practica capital, Right now it has more than Half a Million 3D Artists and the good thing is that if a client doesn’t find a model that he likes then he can send you a message to hire you, So what you need is to create a good portfolio with good models to show.


03 : Shape Ways


 Shape ways is little bit different from the markets we mentioned previously, This market offers the option for 3D Printing the models you create; The good thing about this market that it’ll make the possible clients base more Wider than other markets;

So in case you already got some good models for sale on other markets and you want to make your clients circle little bit bigger Then you’ll need to signup on ShapeWays and get your models Print Ready and get some more Cash.