3 Best Android Fun Apps that you should Try

3 Best Android Fun Apps that you should Try

Android is one of the most usable and commonly used Operating System.

It is also an Open source platform where you can try different applications and always embed more features and functionality.

Apart from this, If you enjoy being able to customize your phone, then probably android is the right platform for you. However, most of the times you need such applications which can help you to do so.

There are several amazing application on Android device, which actually tells us the real power of an android device. Three best of them are listed below


 01 : iEMU apk

iEMU is one of the top iOS emulators for Android.

The term emulator means a type of platform which emulates the similar environment, so as same, an iOS emulator creates a similar environment on Android.

Its very useful and helpful for those who can’t afford to buy an iPhone but they still wanted to experience and iOS systems features and functionality.

The best part about iEMU apk is that its an Open source application, means its totally free and don’t charge you a single penny for installing, downloading or using it.

When it first came to the market, there were so very limited features and you barely can install a big application, and even after that, it becomes very popular.

Later iEMU came with more features and now you can enjoy almost the whole iPhone system on your Android device.

For Gamers who have an android device and always wanted to play such games on iPhone which can’t be found on Android, is another reason for using an iOS emulator(iEMU apk).


02 : Nova Launcher

Who, don’t want his android phone looks attractive! if you think the same then this app is for you.

Using Nova Launcher you can completely customize your Android phone and make it more attractive.

By using this application you can customize. Change icons, layouts, animations and more. Here are few popular features of this Launcher which you will find attractive:

  • Icon Themes – It gives you options to find thousand of icon themes and apply them on the icons list.
  • Color Control – You have full control over colors of labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds as well.
  • Customize App Drawer – You can Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, and add Custom effects to it.
  • Fast – Other than most of the Launcher applications which may hang your phone while using them in low ram Android device, but its much faster and smoother.
  • Backup/Restore – Along with other interactive and attractive features, it also gives you the option to Backup and Restore your desktop layout and launcher settings.


03 : Reaver

Reaver on Android, which also known as RfA is a simple-to-use Reaver-GUI for Android devices with amazing monitor-mode support.

It can be used to Legally unlock wifi system by detecting WPS-enables routers and dig into them by breaking the security. You can use this method in case you forgot your password and there is no other options,


Here are some of the features which Reaver provides:

  • It can detect automatically WPS-enabled routers.
  • All the Reaver-Settings are accessible from a simple to use GUI(Graphical User Interface).
  • It also has the ability to Activate and deactivate Monitor-Mode automatically whenever needed.
  • Provides a simple way to connect when Reaver finds the WPA-Key.
  • The best part is that it has External script support so you always have something to explore.



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